Thursday, 27 July 2017

about me :)

All about me

Hi my name is Ryan I am 10 years old I go to parkvale school with i like  like a lot of stuff my interests are gaming ,jump at flip out,I also like to play games with my friends i have a lot of friends like Jake,Dylan, Kayden and Jacob  My favorite food is Burger and chips with  a drink my favorite game to play is fun games like fifa 17.I really like to play tackle ball

Friday, 21 July 2017

My project: A Portable handheld blogpost 6

For about 2 days now, I have been making a gaming handheld. I think its really cool, so far I have made the outer shell of it.To make it you need a raspberry pi zero, some wires, a bread board, a 7 inch screen, battery, 9 tactile switch buttons, and a charging circuit or you can build one, and optional is a 3D printer to print the case.
I have also connected the screen to it and have brought all the other stuff needed to make it, and when it arrives I will put it all together and solder all the parts here are some pictures of it so far.
I was going to 3D print the case but 3D printers are like $500 and its about $200 to get the case printed, so I asked my Dad if he could get some thick cardboard from work.  The next day he came home with some. Then I got my screen and traced around it, and cut out a hole for the screen. Then I hot glued the screen to the body.
I went onto e bay with my mum and brought the wires, buttons, bread board etc. And when those bits come I will solder the wires to the raspberry pi, and hot glue the front to the back.

Here is a link to the full instructions that I used :link here here are the pictures

Saturday, 15 July 2017

my holidays day 5

Yesterday I went to the movies and I watched Despicable Me 3 when I watched the movie, I had popcorn and L&P. Then that night we went out for dinner. At the cat I had fish and chips and raspberry lemonade, also an ice cream at the end.
The next day was Saturday I washed the car, and got some money. Then after that my family and I went to Super Strike, and played bowling. We played 2 games and at the end both games added up, my dad came first ,I came second, my sister came third and my mum came fourth.We came home and had nachos for dinner, then watched a movie and went to bed.Here is a photo of me bowling.I am really enjoying my holidays and wish they could keep going on for a longer time.

Friday, 14 July 2017

My Holidays day 4

Today I was traveling home from Feilding to Hastings, I was travelling in my grandma's car and about 45 min into the drive we stopped at Woodville for something to eat .I got a caramel slice it was really yummy. then we got into the car for about 1 hour then we stopped at Norsewood and it was snowy and we built a snow man.  after that it was about 50 minutes home then we had dinner and dessert my dad made it was carbonara and then apple crumble with ice cream. I was tired so then I went to sleep.

Here are some pictures of me here building it,

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ripa Rugby

On Tuesday I went to ripa rugby and I played 7 games and we only won 3 of them but we played really hard Jacob was the best there I really liked playing ripa I scored 2 try's and about 8 rips I really enjoyed the day first we played frimley then we played frimley again an then we played we had a break and had our lunch and then after we went to go and played frimley and we won against them then we played flaxmare and we won that game then we were going to play flaxmare again but they were practicing so we didn't play them and had a rest then we played our last game witch was us vs mahora and we bet them to then we got back on the bus and went home.

Free Choice Blog Post

This is my blog post of my kiwi video I made it using loom I hope so you like it.

My Holidays 3rd post

Today I went to Flip City that is in Palmerston North It is just like flip out it has a lot of trampolines I went there with my Uncle and also my sister.Also my mum was there watching us there

here is some video's/pictures of my down below

Monday, 10 July 2017

My holidays 2nd day

Today I went to Palmerston North and went to my Aunty and Uncle's house who took me to the esplanade which is a large park with a playground, bird aviaries, sport fields, cafe and a miniature train. We played on the playground and walked around the park before going into town to get some lunch. When we got home we stacked fire wood, after I played with my grandparents bird called Clarry, a sulpher crested cockatoo. A funny end to the day is when my Uncle ate dog food, tricked by my Grandma.

Here is some pictures of me

My Holidays

On Friday I went down to Feilding with my mum and sister, it took us 2 hours to get there.  I arrived at my grandparents house and stayed the night. The next day I got up, had breakfast, then I got into my grandma and granddad's camper van. We were driving down to Mount Bruce, On the way we went through Eketahuna and saw a massive white kiwi and it had a all blacks T-shirt for the game that night and we pulled over and had a photo I really liked it.When we got there we went to the visitor center and paid the admission fee then we went to see the the white kiwi called Manukura then we went to the second aviary to  listen to the Kokako talk then after that  we drove to our camping site then stayed the night there then went back to the mount Bruce visitor center and did the 2 hour walk and then headed back to Feilding . I really liked going to Mount Bruce and enjoyed seeing the white kiwi and I wish I could do it again some day                                                                                                     Here is a picture of where we traveled       
And also a video of us there

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

my dog


Dog eats, dog plays, dog be’s awesome, dog sleeps. Repeat.

free choose writing (flipout)

On every Thursday I go to flip out I do the class little Ninja's at little ninja's Dolton teaches me how to do tricks like backflips  and other stuff Ireally like it there I can nearly do a backflip I am so close!

home learning

this is my home learning

The day my computer took over

One day a boy was on his computer gaming, his mum told him to get off it. He was closing the program and went to press the off button, but then it wouldn’t turn off.  He tried again and again but he couldn't turn it off, so he kept it on. The next day he went to open an application but it wouldn't let him open it and said ha ha, so he got angry and threw out his computer.

Reading blog post

here is my reading blog post

Thank You Letter

Thank You,

Hastings boys for performing the show of the pasifika and the Kapa Haka it was very cool thank you for doing the performance I really liked it , taught me about the Maori culture and it was very cool I hope so you could do it again.I learnt about the Maori culture it was very cool. thank you for coming to parkvale school,It would be very cool if you could come again P.S it was very cool dancing/singing.  

home learning blog post

this is my home learning and we had to make something with mind lab kids and i chose to make this GIF for my home learning I really like it.

hand reflection game

hand games reflection,

last Friday I went to the hall and played e hipitoitoi and hei tama tu tama it as a very fun game that I really like I really hope that they could teach us some more soon they also were telling us how to play koruru (knuckle bones) and how to make stuff like a waka or a broom that look really cool it was called whai. Here is me playing with the whai I was able to make the waka,bird and also the broom I really liked making the tings with the whai and hope I can do it again.

Free Choice Blog Post

Hello this is my blog post today I am blogging about a new game and it called I really like the game I have played it before its kind of like agario but instead you are a fidget spinner and then you get faster by eating dots and if people are faster than you they can eat you and you can make a account and get better skins and is a link to the game

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

interdependence post

Yesterday I did a interdependence activity and we made a rap/song and a poster with all the stuff we did on the the school holidays I had 11 people in my group and we 5 of us made some art for the poster and the other 6 made a rap song here is a picture for it.we had two picture to hold up one that said go falcons and the other one had all names on it and what we did i think it looked good.

Friday, 5 May 2017

cyclone cook

On the school holidays there was a big storm in the evening. I was just watching some TV but i knew it was going to happen because my dad told me about it. Also I asked siri what the weather was and he said it was going to be stormy. So that day I just stayed home and watched TV and then that night…
I was just watching some TV.  I heard some raining and then  it got even louder. It got so loud i had to put on my headphones. It got even louder then my mum had to go and move the trampoline into a corner  so the parts of the trampoline didn't fly away.I was watching my movie on netflix watching and then the internet went out I was wishing it didn't go out but then it went out.The next day some of  the parts of the trampoline fell of on the floor but that's all that happened.


Here is a picture of the cyclone.😀😀.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

watch trade me work

Trade me

My casio 3425 STL-S 100H Watch
biding from 11 of april to the first of may

This is my casio 3425 STL-S 100H watch it is water resistant 10 BAR aka 100 meters it has 5 alarms it is TOUGH SOLAR it is in fine condition.I have had it for 2 years and it work perfect it has lap memory of 120 it has 7 diffrent modes including time stopwatch stopwatch memory countdown timer worldtime and alarms.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

my youtube channel


I made a new YouTube channel that is called Cool King Productions I really like it it please like and sub please tell me in the comments witch intro I should use

Friday, 31 March 2017

my special place

Mesellerti falls: A Special Place In WA
The warm water in the lake is very nice it feels very nice.
I like it when I jump of the little mountain it is very fun there.

It is a very nice walk there to.I very like the walk it is very fun.There is this very cool tree that is colour is golden it is very cool I liked it alot lots of people liked it so much.I like the walk a lot there is a lot of interesting trees there there's this massive tree that is hollow and it is very fun to climb I really like it it is like an enchanted forest It is very fun.😎

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Camp memories

This is my camp memories and it is all the stuff I did at camp like go kayaking and a lot of other fun stuff. I really liked camp I think it was very fun.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


My waka
This is my waka art and i have a drawing of family on a rock and the two stars represent my grandma and grandad .And all the stuff below the picture is some stuff I like like Youtube,TV,computer,Minecraft,Burrito And Burgers and I also like tacos I like youtube because it has vidoes to entertain you. I like TV because it has shows to entertain you.         

I like my computer because I have a lot of games to play on it.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Moment writing: Splash Planet

Splash Planet

I was at splash planet and me my mum and my mums friend daughter  called Holly, we were  going down the slide. My mum was screaming really loud when we went down the slide. The people that were behind flipped there tube.Apparently my dad could hear my mum's screaming  from the way over there.