Friday, 31 March 2017

my special place

Mesellerti falls: A Special Place In WA
The warm water in the lake is very nice it feels very nice.
I like it when I jump of the little mountain it is very fun there.

It is a very nice walk there to.I very like the walk it is very fun.There is this very cool tree that is colour is golden it is very cool I liked it alot lots of people liked it so much.I like the walk a lot there is a lot of interesting trees there there's this massive tree that is hollow and it is very fun to climb I really like it it is like an enchanted forest It is very fun.😎


  1. well done Ryan and that looks like a pretty cool place and I like all of your detail and effort into your work well done

  2. Wow that place looks so fun to swim and play in.Good work on this Blog post Ryan.
    Amie {: