Wednesday, 10 May 2017

interdependence post

Yesterday I did a interdependence activity and we made a rap/song and a poster with all the stuff we did on the the school holidays I had 11 people in my group and we 5 of us made some art for the poster and the other 6 made a rap song here is a picture for it.we had two picture to hold up one that said go falcons and the other one had all names on it and what we did i think it looked good.

Friday, 5 May 2017

cyclone cook

On the school holidays there was a big storm in the evening. I was just watching some TV but i knew it was going to happen because my dad told me about it. Also I asked siri what the weather was and he said it was going to be stormy. So that day I just stayed home and watched TV and then that night…
I was just watching some TV.  I heard some raining and then  it got even louder. It got so loud i had to put on my headphones. It got even louder then my mum had to go and move the trampoline into a corner  so the parts of the trampoline didn't fly away.I was watching my movie on netflix watching and then the internet went out I was wishing it didn't go out but then it went out.The next day some of  the parts of the trampoline fell of on the floor but that's all that happened.


Here is a picture of the cyclone.😀😀.