Wednesday, 28 June 2017

my dog


Dog eats, dog plays, dog be’s awesome, dog sleeps. Repeat.

free choose writing (flipout)

On every Thursday I go to flip out I do the class little Ninja's at little ninja's Dolton teaches me how to do tricks like backflips  and other stuff Ireally like it there I can nearly do a backflip I am so close!

home learning

this is my home learning

The day my computer took over

One day a boy was on his computer gaming, his mum told him to get off it. He was closing the program and went to press the off button, but then it wouldn’t turn off.  He tried again and again but he couldn't turn it off, so he kept it on. The next day he went to open an application but it wouldn't let him open it and said ha ha, so he got angry and threw out his computer.

Reading blog post

here is my reading blog post

Thank You Letter

Thank You,

Hastings boys for performing the show of the pasifika and the Kapa Haka it was very cool thank you for doing the performance I really liked it , taught me about the Maori culture and it was very cool I hope so you could do it again.I learnt about the Maori culture it was very cool. thank you for coming to parkvale school,It would be very cool if you could come again P.S it was very cool dancing/singing.  

home learning blog post

this is my home learning and we had to make something with mind lab kids and i chose to make this GIF for my home learning I really like it.

hand reflection game

hand games reflection,

last Friday I went to the hall and played e hipitoitoi and hei tama tu tama it as a very fun game that I really like I really hope that they could teach us some more soon they also were telling us how to play koruru (knuckle bones) and how to make stuff like a waka or a broom that look really cool it was called whai. Here is me playing with the whai I was able to make the waka,bird and also the broom I really liked making the tings with the whai and hope I can do it again.

Free Choice Blog Post

Hello this is my blog post today I am blogging about a new game and it called I really like the game I have played it before its kind of like agario but instead you are a fidget spinner and then you get faster by eating dots and if people are faster than you they can eat you and you can make a account and get better skins and is a link to the game