Friday, 21 July 2017

My project: A Portable handheld blogpost 6

For about 2 days now, I have been making a gaming handheld. I think its really cool, so far I have made the outer shell of it.To make it you need a raspberry pi zero, some wires, a bread board, a 7 inch screen, battery, 9 tactile switch buttons, and a charging circuit or you can build one, and optional is a 3D printer to print the case.
I have also connected the screen to it and have brought all the other stuff needed to make it, and when it arrives I will put it all together and solder all the parts here are some pictures of it so far.
I was going to 3D print the case but 3D printers are like $500 and its about $200 to get the case printed, so I asked my Dad if he could get some thick cardboard from work.  The next day he came home with some. Then I got my screen and traced around it, and cut out a hole for the screen. Then I hot glued the screen to the body.
I went onto e bay with my mum and brought the wires, buttons, bread board etc. And when those bits come I will solder the wires to the raspberry pi, and hot glue the front to the back.

Here is a link to the full instructions that I used :link here here are the pictures


  1. grate post.I relly want to see the finished vershon

    1. thanks mac i will post some pictures of the finished version when its down

  2. Well done Ryan,your handheld device project was fun.
    I'm most proud of your writing though, I know its not your favorite thing.You worked hard to do the writing, and tried extra hard to make it descriptive, and the punctuation. Your perseverance paid off, well done!